WBC Online Advanced Civilization Tournament

Latest Update: January 10, 2014


Welcome to the home page of the WBC Online Advanced Civilization Tournament. The event will be hosted at http://civ.rol-play.com. This is a free site, however, registration is required. This is a direct link to the Advanced Civilization portion of the website. From this page, you can see your games, sign up for new games, and become part of the player queue.



To join this tournament, you must currently be a member of the Board game Players Association. More information can be obtained at http://www.boardgamers.org/       If you would like to join, please email your GM at kevinyouells@gmail.com prior to February 26th, 2014. Be sure to include your full name, as well as user name on the site.


Tournament Structure

Each player will be assigned to two first round games that will run concurrently. These games will be assigned randomly. Every effort will be made to make sure that you play with different players in each of these two games.   


Time Frame

Each game takes approximately four to six months to complete if everybody works to keep the games moving. Ideally, we will complete the tournament by the end of 2014. The reality is that we will probably complete the final in the spring of 2015.


Round 1: Game assignments will be done on March 1st 2014. This set of games should be completed by October 1st. Games are subject to adjudication by the GM team at any time after that date.


Final: This will begin approximately one week after the last first round game is completed.

Game Options

The rol-play website allows multiple options for playing games. The options in use for all games of this tournament are:

·         36 hour per player turn limit

·         Show number of cards in each deck will be enabled

·         Show position of non-tradable calamities will be disabled

·         Bottom-Three shuffling of non-tradable calamities will be enabled (this is the same rule that we use at WBC)


Important Notes

Please check the website daily. The computer system is designed to email you whenever it is your turn, but it is imperative that you log into the site to check game progress. If you are going to be away, there is a ‘game pause’ feature that can be used. Please email your GM at kevinyouells@gmail.com if you need to do this. Fair warning, however, if you do not pause a game and miss a 36 hour deadline, the system will take your action for you—or, depending on the phase, may do nothing. This is built into the website and cannot be turned off, so please pay close attention to your deadlines. Overall, if you check the site once per day, you should have no problems with the deadlines.

Nothing is worse in a multi-player game than a dropout. All players who sign up will be expected to play both first round games to completion. In the unlikely event that you need to leave a game, please email the GM as early as possible.


One of the most common questions regarding online ACV is how trading works. There is a ‘trade market’ where each player can list cards they have and what they are looking for. Players will then negotiate by email. When they reach an agreement, they go onto the site and move the cards into the drop-down trade box. As soon as both players have put their cards into the trade box, the system emails them to give the results of the trade. A separate mail is sent to all other players stating that a trade was made, and what cards they say that they traded.

Special note: Once players are finished trading, they generally click "done" and take themselves out of the market. In real life, this would be like putting your hand down and walking away from the table. Once there is only one player left in the trade market, trading can end at anytime (even prior to the scheduled close time) without notice.



The 2013 pbem tournament rages on. We have 38 players this year, and are making good progress, as the games are currently in rounds twelve or thirteen. Our eight finalists have advanced, and are now selection their nations for the final game. Sign-ups for the 2014 event will begin in January. Follow along at http://bpa-civ.rol-play.com/


News and Notes for 2014

·        Deadlines for all games will remain at 36 hours

·        Just to clarify the policy on replacement players: Any replacements added prior to the end of round six will be eligible for advancement to the final. While the help of replacement players is greatly appreciated, once round seven begins, their scores will not count towards advancement.

·        As long as there are eight games or less total in the first round, it will be “win and you're in”. If there are more than eight games in the first round, the scores from the second game* will be used to determine advancement.

·        Finalists will be seeded #1 through #8 based on the scores of both games combined, these seedings will determine the order for nation selection. This way there is a reward for doing well in multiple games.

·        Players who chronically miss turn deadlines will be subject to replacement at the discretion of the GM team.


*Each player will have their score converted to a percentage of the winning players score in that game. The eight players who win a game and have the highest percentage from their second game will advance.



2012 PBEM Tournament Final – Results

Nation            Player                         Score

1. Thrace         Kevin Youells               4583

2. Egypt           Mads Lunau                4360

3. Iberia           Kevin Worth                4192

4. Africa          James Gundy               3935

5. Illyria           Romain Jacques          3681

6. Babylon       Greg Kulp                    3653

7. Asia             Jon Anderson               3502

8. Assyria         Shantanu Saha            2125



2013 Results



The 2013 pbem tournament rages on.  Our eight finalists have advanced, and are now selection their nations for the final game.                                                                     

Game A:                                                                                       Game B:                                             

Alligators All Around                                                                   Bursting Balloons

1. Marc Visocnik                Africa       4306                        1. Nathan Barhorst                      Africa            5222

2. Jonas Grenna                 Thrace     4290                        2. James Gundy                            Egypt             5121

3. Robert Kircher               Egypt       4032                        3. Jose Ignacio                               Babylon        4850

4. Greg Stripes                   Assyria    3894                        4. Romain Jacques                        Assyria          4689

5. Kevin Worth                   Babylon  3608                        5. Nick Anner                                 Crete             4608

6. Ray Regular                    Crete       2632                        6. Pete Staab                                  Iberia            4580

7. Thomas Browne            Iberia       2137                        7. Mike Lembke                            Illyria             2399

8. Mark Sciera                    Illyria       1546                                 


           Game C:                                                                                      Game D:

Catching Colds                                                                              Doing Dishes

1. Kevin Youells                  Babylon  5005                          1. Dan Morris                             Babylon         4577      

2. Jeff Cornett                     Iberia      4335                         2. Joe Lux                                     Iberia             4040

3. Jenn Visocnik                  Assyria   3812                          3. Haakon Monson                    Africa             3973

4. Joe Maiz                          Illyria     3702                           4. Neil McIver                             Egypt              3775

5. Greg Crowe                     Thrace   3471                          5. Ken Gutermuth                      Illyria              2499

6. Dan Farrow                     Crete     2772                           6. Jeff Miller                                Crete              2213

7. Aaron Gundy                  Africa    2695                            7. Mike Pacheco                        Assyria            1632

8. Scott Spenser                 Egypt     2646                           8. Greg Wardle                           Asia                 0611

                   Game E:                                                                                 Game F:

Entertaining Elephants                                                                  Forever Fooling

1. Jon Anderson             Africa        4916                            1. Javier de la Fuente                Africa              4570

2. Javier de la Fuente    Egypt        4847                            2. Nick Anner                              Babylon          4098

3. Mads Lunau                Illyria        4825                            3. Steve Cameron                      Thrace            4088

4. Shantanu Saha           Assyria      4659                           4. Frank Forgoine                       Iberia              4053

5. Guy Glirbas                 Iberia        4232                            5. Greg Crowe                             Illyria              3175

6. Frank Forgoine           Babylon    4119                           6. Marc Visocnik                         Crete               3134

7. Steve Cameron           Thrace      3615                           7. Ray Regular                             Assyria            2872

                                                                                                 8. Guy Glirbas                             Egypt               2783


              Game G:                                                                           Game H:

Getting Giggles                                                                        Having Headaches

1. Mads Lunau                Illyria         4577                            1.Robert Kircher                        Babylon           5032

2. Jeff Cornett                 Thrace       4051                           2. Neil McIver                             Thrace             4832

3. Jose Ignacio                Babylon     3962                           3. Jon Anderson                          Illyria               4748

4. Shantanu Saha           Assyria       3956                           4. Kevin Youells                          Africa               4741

5. Pete Staab                   Egypt         3428                           5. Dan Morris                              Egypt               4739

6. Nathan Barhorst        Crete          3250                           6. Joe Maiz                                  Assyria             4384

7. Jenn Visocnik              Africa         3142                           7. Dan Farrow                             Iberia               2602

8. Mike Lembke              Iberia         1161


           Game I:                                                                                     Game J:

Imitating Indians                                                                         Juggling Jellybeans

1. Kevin Worth                Thrace       3181                            1. Jonas Lundgvist                     Babylon          5560

2. Romain Jacques          Africa         3013                           2. Greg Stripes                            Iberia              4609

3. James Gundy               Illyria          3010                           3. Joe Lux                                    Crete               4328

4. Haakon Monson         Egypt          2645                           4. Ken Gutermuth                     Thrace             4301

5. Mike Pacheco              Assyria       2630                           5. Aaron Gundy                         Assyria             3564

6. Mark Sciera                  Babylon     2220                           6. Scott Spenser                        Africa               3215

7. Jeff Miller                      Iberia         1831                           7. Thomas Browne                   Egypt                2636

8. Greg Wardle                 Crete          1768                                       


 The eight finalists are Kevin Worth, Mads Lunau, Jonas Lundgvist, Javier de la Fuente, Kevin Youells, Rob Kircher, Jon Anderson, and Dan Morris. Good luck!


Thank you to everyone who participated and helped us have such a great event this year. We will begin signups for 2014 in February. Watch your email for details.



The GMs for this tournament are the same team that is used at WBC. 

GM - Kevin Youells

Assistant GM - Gregory Kulp

Assistant GM - Jennifer Visocnik

Webmaster - Marc Visocnik


Useful Links

The home of online Advanced Civilization http://civ.rol-play.com/

Boardgame Players Association http://www.boardgamers.org

Advanced Civ at the geek http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/177/advanced-civilization

Advanced Civilization Rules http://civ.rol-play.com/services/help/?module=ahciv

Advanced Civilization Rules (Printable PDF) http://static.rol-play.com/ahciv/files/advcivrules.pdf

2012 WBC Preview Page http://boardgamers.org/yearbkex/acvpge.htm

2011 WBC Results Page http://boardgamers.org/yearbook11/acvpge.htm


Special Thanks

Many, many thanks go to Nathan Barhorst, without whom this email tournament would not exist. His countless hours of hard work have made this possible, and we all owe him a debt of gratitude. Of course, in Advanced Civ, it is most fun to repay debts with secondary effects of Famine, Epidemic, and Piracy, so fire away :)