WBC Online Advanced Civilization Tournament

Latest Update: March 6th, 2017

Welcome to the home page of the WBC Online Advanced Civilization Tournament. The event will be hosted at http://civ.rol-play.com. This is a free site, however, registration is required. This is a direct link to the Advanced Civilization portion of the website. From this page, you can see your games, sign up for new games, and become part of the player queue.

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Current Tournament Games
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To join this tournament, you must currently be a member of the Board Game Players Association. More information can be obtained at http://www.boardgamers.org/joinindex.html

If you would like to join, please email your GM at bpa-civ@natemac.com prior to February 24th, 2017 . Be sure to include your full name, as well as user name on the site.

Tournament Structure

Each player will be assigned to two first round games that will run concurrently. These games will be assigned randomly. Every effort will be made to make sure that you play with different players in each of these two games.   

Time Frame

Each game takes approximately four to six months to complete if everybody works to keep the games moving. Ideally, we will complete the tournament by the end of 2017. The reality is that we will probably complete the final in the spring of 2018.

Round 1: Game assignments will be done on March 1st 2017. This set of games should be completed by October 31st. Games are subject to adjudication by the GM team at any time after that date.

Final: This will begin approximately one week after the last first round game is completed.

Game Options

The rol-play website allows multiple options for playing games. The options in use for all games of this tournament are:


Important Notes


One of the most common questions regarding online ACV is how trading works. There is a ‘trade market’ where each player can list cards they have and what they are looking for. Players will then negotiate by email. When they reach an agreement, they go onto the site and move the cards into the drop-down trade box. As soon as both players have put their cards into the trade box, the system emails them to give the results of the trade. A separate mail is sent to all other players stating that a trade was made, and what cards they say that they traded.

Special note: Once players are finished trading, they generally click "done"and take themselves out of the market. In real life, this would be like putting your hand down and walking away from the table. Once there is only one player left in the trade market, trading can end at any time (even prior to the scheduled close time) without notice.

The GMs for this tournament:

Useful Links

The home of online Advanced Civilization http://civ.rol-play.com/

Boardgame Players Association http://www.boardgamers.org

Advanced  Civ  at the geek   http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/177/advanced-civilization

Advanced Civilization Rules http://civ.rol-play.com/services/help/?module=ahciv

Advanced Civilization Rules (Printable PDF) http://static.rol-play.com/ahciv/files/advcivrules.pdf